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akiwi finds keywords for your images.

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    Refine the keywords until you are satisfied, then click 'Copy to Clipboard'.

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      What is akiwi?

      akiwi is a semi-automatic image tagging system that is able to suggest keywords for uploaded images with minimal user input.

      Who are the people behind akiwi?

      akiwi is a student project from HTW Berlin (University of Applied Science).
      akiwi was developed by Jonas Hartmann, Nico Hezel, Mike Krause and Anja Sonnenberg under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Barthel.


      Please observe: All images that are used to determine keywords are subject to copyright by fotolia. akiwi uses visual image search algorithms from pixolution.

      akiwi is still a beta version.
      Please send comments to barthel at htw-berlin.de

      akiwi is a tool trying to find keywords for your uploaded image.

      In many cases akiwi will work almost fully automatic whereas in some cases it needs some help from you.

      First click those images on the right that are similar to yours. Clicking once will confirm an image to be similar, clicking the same image again will deselect it.

      If none of the images match, you should add a keyword that best describes your image. Click a keyword from the list or type a new one. You may also remove a keyword by clicking the x next to it.

      Continue by selecting similar images and / or keywords until you are pleased with most of the keywords.

      Finally click 'finalize' to refine your list of keywords before you may copy them to the clipboard.

      Please observe that akiwi can only find keywords for typical stockphoto images. akiwi will not find keywords for celebrities or particular products.